TNR would not be successful without the passion and dedication of the therapists it staffs.

We know this and make it an integral part of how we work as a company. We listen to our team members and we incorporate their feedback into our standards of practice.

This open door approach fosters trust and respect between TNR and our therapists, which makes us a cohesive team. This teamwork makes us more effective in meeting the specific expectations of each of our clients. The therapists, in turn, are able to provide the best possible therapeutic services to their patients.

Advantages Of Working At TNR?

  1. Flexibility to achieve a work-life balance.
  2. Full-time opportunities with benefits.
  3. Additional flexibility, weekend work for those who would like it.
  4. The ability to choose a case load to fit your schedule – from one or two patients at a time to a full-time case load.
  5. Supplemental/per diem work.
  6. Electronic EMR for all patient visits.
  7. Full-time clinical manager to assist with patient issues and to provide ongoing training.
  8. Office staff providing new patients daily and trained to assist with patient or agency questions.
  9. New grad opportunities with a comprehensive training program and therapy shadowing.
  10. Shadowing and training for experienced therapists who would like to transition into home health careers.
  11. Immigration services for therapists looking to come to the US and therapists here looking for a new H1B sponsor or an immigrant Visa. TNR has sponsored over 150 therapists to come to the US.



I love working at TNR. Employees are valued as a resource, we are asked what we should be doing not told.”

TNR believes that it’s employees are it’s greatest strength. A wonderful company with a bright future, I am excited to be apart of it all. 

— Jonathan, Physical Therapist


“TNR has made sure that I have all the necessary training I've needed.”

I graduated from Emilio Aguinaldo College in the Philippines and TNR sponsored my immigration in the US in 2012. TNR not only handled the details of my immigration, they also found me a full time position quickly once I was ready to work. The TNR staff made sure I had a safe and comfortable place to live as well as all the necessary training needed to begin working and living here in the Chicagoland, US area. 

— Michelle

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