Meet Our Team...


Matthew Barry

As the president of TNR, Matt’s commitment is to providing the best patient care and superior customer service for our customers. By recruiting the best therapists and providing the training necessary to keep up with the changing requirements of the industry, we strive to be the leader in home health therapy services.


Jonathan Gaspar
Clinical Manager – Chicago

Jonathan has over 15 years of physical therapy experience while working in home care, hospital and outpatient settings. Since 2012 Jonathan has supervised and trained the over 120 therapists making up the therapy staff of TNR’s Illinois division. This includes therapists working in both home care and outpatient assignments. Prior to moving to the US Jonathan spent five years as a physical therapy instructor while also working as a physical therapist in his native Philippines. He has deep compassion with patient care and sets high standards for professional ethics and conduct. These core values are central to the message he shares with his therapy staff at TNR.

Sarah IMG_3008_2.jpg

Sarah Samaan
Recruiting Manager

Sarah Samaan has been a part of the TNR team for over 6 years. Her experience as a Compliance & Staffing Coordinator aligned with her excellent interpersonal skills gained her the role of Recruiting Manager.   Her goal is to acquire the most talented and compassionate therapists to service our clients.

TNR Florida Team

Rick Anglin
General Manager – Florida

Rick has been with TNR since 2009.   He was president of TNR at its Illinois location for several years.  He is now pleased to bring the excellence and leadership TNR established in Illinois to its Florida practice.  Rick believes the Company’s compassion and dedication to its patients, customers, therapists and staff are at the core of everything it does and the key to its success.  


Kristie Kamps
Clinical Manager – Florida

Kristie Kamps clinical director for TNR’s Florida division.  Kristie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and has been practicing as a physical therapist for more than 20 years since graduating with honors in Physiotherapy from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1990. She passed her USA Physical Therapy board exam in 1994 and obtained her Florida license in physical therapy that same year.


Licensed Professional Therapists. 

Our core values are excellence, compassion and integrity. We only work with therapists who share these qualities. We make sure that these aren't empty slogans; we make them central to our employee orientation policies and they are continually reinforced during our clinical supervision. We hire licensed and certified professionals who will provide the caring and effective treatment your patients deserve.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to our customers and unmatched compassion to our patients. We are committed to consistently maintaining excellence, mutual respect and integrity in all aspects of our business.

We define our success through pledging a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement in our operations and assuring our clinicians are at the forefront of clinical services.

Why Work For TNR

  1. Flexibility to achieve a work-life balance.

  2. Part-time work with flexible hours.

  3. Additional flexibility, weekend work for those who would like it.

  4. The ability to choose a case load to fit your schedule – from one or two patients at a time to a full-time case load.

  5. Supplemental/per diem work.

  6. Electronic EMR for all patient visits.

  7. One EMR no matter what agency you are seeing a patient for.

  8. Full-time opportunities with benefits.

  9. Full-time clinical manager to assist with patient issues and to provide ongoing training.

  10. Office staff providing new patients daily and trained to assist with patient or agency questions.

  11. New grad opportunities with a comprehensive training program and therapy shadowing.

  12. Shadowing and training for experienced therapists who would like to transition into home health careers.

  13. Immigration services for therapists looking to come to the US and therapists here looking for a new H1B sponsor or an immigrant Visa. TNR has sponsored over 150 therapists to come to the US.

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